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  • To emphasize, recognize and reward good behavior, citizenship, and academic work of our students
  • To teach students to be responsible for their actions
  • To increase instructional time by reducing the number of referrals, but not the levels of support in disciplinary issues for faculty and staff
  • To provide an environment where all students can learn without constant disruptions during instruction
Mission Statement:
  • To provide the highest quality education for all students in a safe and caring environment. 
  • To provide meaningful and creative instruction that meets the individual needs of each student; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child.  
  • For students to be life-long learners who demonstrate good character and productive citizenship. 
  • To strengthen the cause and effect connections, especially the link between responsible choices and positive consequences
  • To promote the importance of accepting personal responsibility
  • To promote positive management practices with an emphasis on prevention
  • To increase consistency among all staff members
  • To increase instructional time for all students (lessen disruptions and time in office)